Gastbeitrag vom Papa zum bevorstehenden Geburtstag

Habe ich schon erwähnt, dass die Muttersprache meines Mannes nicht Deutsch ist? Wenn nicht, dann eben jetzt. Deshalb hat er ein paar Zeilen an Zoe in Englisch verfasst…


Dear Zoe,

today in the morning your mom was not here. So I gave you your milk and after feeding we slept together until half past eight. Your mom was a little jealous that you let me sleep that long. You woke me up with a smile in your face. Then I smiled back to you. After that smile you give me three „goodmorning-kisses“ and I was shocked and happy at the same time. Because you don’t give that much kisses, you save them.

Your birthday is coming tomorrow. Me and your mom are excited. Excited and happy to celebrate that day with you and your cutie friends. All I wish for you is all of the best, happiness, beauty, love and peace. I am looking forward to greet you a „happy birthday“. And to wake you with my „goodmorning-birthday-kisses“.

In love, your Dad  

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